/Crecer donde estás plantado

Crecer donde estás plantado

This is our experience
This is our experience. Photos by  Fernando Enriquez, Michaela Roman, Flor Flores, Kristopher Rivera

This fall, UTEP received a No. 7 national ranking by Washington Monthly mainly because it enrolls a large majority of students who are from low-income families. The university has geared their efforts to make education accessible for all students of the region, and the majority of students receive Pell Grants and financial aid or student loans—but we strove in this issue of the magazine to address what this really means and what it looks like. Students from the borderland face the reality of state and federal funding declining and tuition prices and student loan debt skyrocketing. These photos and stories attempt to put a meaningful face to the what the No. 1 ranking in social mobility means for the student population of UTEP.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download