/Halloween is Back on!

Halloween is Back on!

With multiple vaccines present and less restrictions throughout, Halloween is back on for the city of El Paso. Local news station, KVIA, announced the return of trick-or-treating, early October. After being cancelled in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Halloween is returning in 2021 on a Sunday, and here is how local bars and El Pasoans plan to spend it.


In early October, local health officials said that there has been a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations and officially approved children to celebrate Halloween the traditional way, trick-or treating door to door. 

But it’s not just children who plan on celebrating Halloween.

“I’m not too old for Halloween,” UTEP student Celeste Márquez Cordero said. “We grow up, we end up celebrating differently than how we would celebrate the holiday when we were little.”

Since the announcement, Spirit Halloween stores have found themselves running out of costumes.

“We have been shorting out on items as people seem to be more involved in Halloween activities this year than last year,” Abby Costigan the Store Manager from the Cielo Vista mall location said. 

Local Spirit Halloween Manager, Abby Costigan predicted their best-seller this season would be the Michael Meyers costume. Photography by Jasmin Campoya

Now that Halloween is a go, El Pasoans feel like they have to make up for the loss of it in 2020.

“For this year, I feel like a lot of people forgot about it,” UTEP student Emilio Quezada said. “Like we lost our Halloween last year.”

For some UTEP students, going out to their favorite local bars is the best way to make up for not being able to go out in 2020. Though local bars did not respond to messages through social media or phone calls from Minero Magazine about their plans for celebration, UTEP students expect to have a good time.

“I’m like super excited for Halloween, especially because like I feel like this time last year was really bad COVID wise,” UTEP student Krysten Mizcles said. “I’m really excited that everything is opening back up again and I’m really trying to do as much as possible.” 

Officer Martin Ramirez from the El Paso Police Department that local police don’t have any “special” plans in place for Halloween this year and that the department will treat this Halloween like any other year. 

“Usually on Halloween, we have our sex offender unit go out and check registered sex offender residencies,” Ramirez said. “As far as the DWI task force, we’ll be on in full force. Nobody will be off.”

Though trick-or-treaters have big plans, the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers on their minds. Even with less restrictions and multiple COVID-19 vaccines, some El Pasoans feel that things will never return to “normal.”

“I still plan to practice safe COVID procedures and wear my mask at all times,” Mizcles said.

“I don’t think we will have a normal Halloween, just a different Halloween,” UTEP student Litzy Melo said. “It looks like the pandemic is not ending anytime soon.”

Story by Ariel Castillo and Brianne Williams; Lead image of Halloween masks by Jasmin Campoya